Short Answer


  1. Provide a Question Title and Question Text.
  2. Choose a Question Subtype (alphanumeric or numeric).
  3. Insert your correct answer and feedback.
  4. Click the "Add Another Answer" button to add additional correct or incorrect answers.
  5. Provide Feedback for answers.


Question Sub-Type
  • Alphanumeric - Matches strings (e.g. "chirality", "sp3", "amino acid").
  • Numeric - Matches numbers or numeric values (e.g. 6.02e^23 or 1.25).
Percent Margin (only applies to numeric sub-type)
  • Error margin defined as the
    absolute value of (calculated_value-response)/response]*100
Ignore Case (only applies to alphanumeric sub-type)
  • Matches regardless of case (e.g "Lewis dot" is the same as "lewis dot"

Short Answer Example