Formula Question Type

This question type allow you to define an equation and ranges for parameters such that every student gets a different problem. Great for creating questions for laboratory, general chemistry or anywhere you do math.


  1. Provide a Question Title and Question Text.
  2. In your question text wrap your variables in {}. (e.g. What is {x} + {y}? note: You must use lowercase for variable names.
  3. Under "Formula and Variables" provide your formula (e.g. x+y). Do not include the = sign.
  4. Click the "Generate Variables" button to generate the variables.
  5. Provide ranges (min/max) for your variables. Random values will be generated within this range.
  6. Provide Positive and Negative Feedback


Percent Margin
  • Error margin defined as the
    absolute value of (calculated_value-response)/response]*100
# of Sig Figs
  • How many significant figures you\'d like you variables to be represented as in the question text.


  • sin, sinh, arcsin, asin, arcsinh, asinh, cos, cosh, arccos, acos, arccosh, acosh, tan, tanh, arctan, atan, arctanh, atanh, sqrt, abs, ln, log


  • pi, e