Currently there are six possible main question types on OpenOChem, excluding.

Question Type Example Questions
ChemDoodle Based


Four sub-types require students to

  • draws structure(s)
  • draw complete mechanisms,
  • add electron flow arrows on mechanism template or
  • add lone pair/radical electrons or charges on structures.


  • Draw the mechanism for the addition of HBr to Propene?
  • Provide Curved arrows on the following mechanism?
  • Draw (R)-2-butanol?




  • Students must draw a 3D structure or specific conformation using the WebMO 3D editor.
  • Construct the meso form of 1,2-dimethylcyclopentane?
Newman Projection


  • Students construct newman projections
  • options for controlling configuration, view direction and internal rotation
  • Construct the least stable conformation if 2-methylbutane?
  • Construct (R)-2-butanol looking up its C2-C3 bond?
MultiChoice T/F


  • Students select from list of choices
  • OpenOChem is cool? T/F
Short Answer


  • Students provide short alphanumeric or numeric answer.
  • options for controlling percent error on numeric.
  • OpenOChem is cool?


  • Students provide numeric answer based on a formula you define
  • Much like Moodle formula qtype - you provide ranges of values so students get different question data
  • How many mmols are in 0.5 mg of acetophenone?


  • Students see content that you supply (e.g. more info, videos, etc.
  • Not graded
  • Not really a question, just a "Slide" to show more information
Student Choice


  • Only available for Adaptive Quiz Activity
  • Like MCQ question type but Not graded.
  • Like a multiChoice question but only available in Adaptive quizzes.
  • Allows student to choose next set of questions


Creating a Question is Easy

  1. Click on the following menu sequence Questions->New Question from within OpenOChem to reveal the New Question Modal.
  2. Choose your question type.

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