2D Structure, Mechanism and Selection question types

  • Students draw 2D structure, mechanisms or select chemistry objects using a 2D chemistry editor.
  • Draws structure(s)
  • Draw complete mechanisms,
  • Add electron flow arrows on mechanism template
  • Select atoms, bonds, and or molecules

Ask questions like

  • Draw the mechanism for the addition of HBr to Propene?
  • Provide Curved arrows on the following mechanism?
  • Draw (R)-2-butanol?
  • Select all chiral center in the following molecule?

3D Structure or Conformer

  • Students must draw a 3D structure or specific conformer using the 3D editor.

Ask questions like

  • Construct the meso form of 1,2-dimethylcyclopentane?
  • Construct the most stable conformation of 2-methylbutane?

Synthesis Question type

  • Student layout complex syntheses by drawing stuctures and selecting reagents to perform syntheses.

Ask questions like the following,

  • Starting with benzene show how you would synthesize m-bromoaniline.
  • What reagent would be best to perform the following transformation?

Newman Projection

  • Students construct newman projections in drag and drop interface
  • options for controlling configuration, view direction and internal rotation

Ask questions like:

  • Construct the least stable conformation if 2-methylbutane?
  • Construct (R)-2-butanol looking up its C2-C3 bond?


  • Students provide numeric answer.

  • You provide a formula and range of values so students get different question data.

  • Great for General Chemistry and lab type questions.

  • How many mmols are in 0.5 mg of acetophenone?


  • Students easily input text and chemicall structures.

Standard Question Types

MultiChoice or T/F


Short Answer