This question type is based on Kekule.js


  1. Provide a Question Title and Question Text.
  2. Choose a Question Subtype.
    1. Structural - Draw a structure in the editor you\'d like your students to reproduce.
    2. Mechanism (Arrows Only) - Draw a reaction mechanism including curved arrows in the editor. You students will see the mechanism without the arrows and are required to add the arrows.
    3. Mechanism (Complete) - Draw a reaction mechanism with curved arrows in the editor. You students will be required to reproduce it including all reactants, intermediates, products and electron pushing/curved arrows.
    4. Selection - Draw some chemistry and select a few objects of interest.  Students must select the atoms, bonds molecules or other objects you select.
  3. Click the "Retrieve from Editor" button to store the answer.
  4. Provide Feedback for answers.
  5. Repeat above steps for additional correct and incorrect answers.

Selection Question Subtype Video