Quiz Activity


The quiz activity is much like a quiz you'd expect in other LMS's.  You construct you quiz from the questions available in the question bank.  A quiz activities options and questions can be set on the Edit Activity page for that quiz.

Activity Title

  • Title which is displayed during the activity attempt.

Activity Info

  • This text provides info about the activity and willl be shown on the Intro page for this activity.


  • Activating this setting allows others to view and copy your activity from the activity bank.
  • This setting overides the sharing setting of questions, so if you share an activity that has question which are set to not share, THEY QUESTIONS WILL STILL BE SHARED.

Complete by Deadline

  • Setting this option will close the activity to attempts after teh deadline has passed.
  • Note: You can manually close an activity from the Dashboard.

Show Correct Answers

  • Setting this option will show the correct answers when the student reviews the activity after their attempt.

Difficulty Rating

  • Setting this option allows students to rate the difficulty of a question. The results are tabulated and available on the Activity Info page. The activity info page is available by clicking the  icon associated with an activity.

Navigation mode

Time Limit

  • Sets a timer which will auto close the activity (Free Nav) or question (Sequential Nav)
  • If in Free navigation the time limit is imposed on the entire attempt, while for Sequential mode the time limits the individual question attempts.
  • This setting does not apply to Live mode realtime navigation.

Multiple Attempt Settings

  • Builds on Last allows students to revisit their previous attempts and make changes.
  • With Allow Multiple Attempts students can attempt as many times until the max number of attempts is reached.
  • You can set the Max number of attempts with the ticker box. A 0 indicates unlimited attempts.
  • For multiple attempts you must also choose a grading method.

Setting the Activities Questions

  • Clicking the "Questions" tab reveals the activity questions editor.
  • The left side of the pane are the questions in the activity, the right side is a Question Bank browser.
  • Drag questions from the Question Bank onto the pane on the left.
  • Click the "Add Random Question" link to add a random question from a category.