3D Structure Questions (JSmol)

This question type requires students to construct a 3D structures.  There are two options for checking correctness of students responses; Structure (Smiles) and Conformer (RMSD).

With the Structure (Smiles) option, the students 3D structure is converted to smiles and checked for correctness.  You can ask questions like the following

Construct acetophenone in the applet below?
Draw (R)-butan-2-ol?
Construct (2E, 4Z) hexa-2,4-diene?

With the conformer option selected you can ask students to construct various conformers.  Here are some examples of what you can ask.

Construct the most stable conformation of methylcyclohexane?
Construct the anti conformer of butane?
Construct the most stable (trans)-1,4-dimethylcyclohexane conformer?

With the conformer option an additional check of the RMSD (Root Mean Square Distance) is performed. Note that the hydrogen atoms are ignored in the RMSD calculation.

Here is a screen shot of the JSMol qtype.