OpenOChem allows you to easily create interactive questions and then assemble them into activities (Quizzes, Adaptive Quizzes and SlideDecks).  You then create a link using LTI in your LMS (e.g. External Tool in Moodle) and assign your activity.  You can assign one activity per LMS LTI link.  To get started request an LTI key.

Three kinds of activities on OpenOChem: Quizzes, Adaptive Quizzes and SlideDecks

  • Quiz
    • Groups of questions used primarily as an assessment.
    • Highly configurable with options for controlling the student attempts, timing, grading etc.
    •  Creating a Quiz
  • Adaptive Quiz
    • Student response/correctness determines their next question.
    • Easily create branching, loops and other adaptive questioning with flowchart like interface for building question flow.
    • Easily create quizzes that adapt to individual students abilities!
  • SlideDecks
    • HTML based presentations with OpenOChem questions, 3D/2D structures and more.
    • Like a PowerPoint presentation but with interactive questions!
    • Students self-check their understanding by answering questions and getting feedback as they move through your content!
    •  Creating a SlideDeck