Newman Projection

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Specific Conformation Required

  • False
    • Indicates that all possible staggered and eclipsed conformations are valid answers.  You should provide atleast one of these valid answer.
  • True
    • Only the specific conformation you provided is a valid answer.

Orientation Required

  • False
    • Both the forward and reverse orientations will be considered valid student responses.
  • True
    • Only the forward looking orientation will be considered valid responses.


  • Construct the newman projection of propane?  (Set Conformation = False and Orientation = False and povide one valid answer)
  • Construct the most stable conformation of butane? (Set Conformation = True and Orientation = False and provide one possible answer)
  • Construct the most stable conformation of 2-methylbutane? (Set Conform = True and Orientaion = False and provide the correct answer from atleast one orientation.  Note:  In this example you would need to provide the two degenrate structures from one orientaion.
  • Contruct (R)-butan-2-ol looking up its C2-C3 bond?  (Set Conform = False and orientation = True and provide atleast one possible answer)
  • Contruct the least stable staggered conformation of 2-methylbutane looking up the C2-C3 bond? (Set Conform = True and Orientaion = True and provide the correct answer)

NOTE:  Please test your question to assure it works as you expect!