Using your LTI Key in Canvas

For the Impatient In Canvas you must first setup an External App and then you can install OpenOChem as Modules. Setup OpenOChem External App Click on Settings Click on the Apps tab Click “View App Configurations” button Click +App to add a new App. Give the App a name (e.g. OpenOChem) and fill in the […]

Using your LTI Key in Moodle

For the Impatient In Moodle you install LTI tools as an External Tool. Turn editing On. Click “Add Activity or Resource”. Choose “External Tool” Fill in the key and secret you received when you requested an LTI key.  The url is  


OpenOChem allows you to easily create interactive questions and then assemble them into activities (Quizzes, Adaptive Quizzes and SlideDecks).  You then create a link using LTI in your LMS (e.g. External Tool in Moodle) and assign your activity.  You can assign one activity per LMS LTI link.  To get started request a key. Brief overview of […]

Requesting an LTI Key

You must be an instructor at some university or school to be approved for a key.  You must sign in/register with a Google account to request a key.  Most keys are processed within 24 hrs.  If you have any issues please email Carl LeBlond.