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Activity Navigation Options

Setting the Navigation

  • The navigation can be set to Free, Sequential or Live (Realtime) on the Edit Activity page for that activity.
  • The default is Free Navigation
  • With Free and Sequential navigation student control which questions they attempt.
  • With Live or RealTime navigation the instructor controls the questions attempted in realtime.

Free Navigation

  • With free navigation the students can pick and choose questions in any order.
  • Questions studnets have already viewed are higlighted in green.

Sequential Navigation

  • With sequential navigation the students attempt the questions in order from first to last.

Live Realtime Navigation

  • With Live navigation the instructor controls which questions are visible in realtime, much like NearPod.
  • The instructor controls the questions and session from the Session Control Manager.
  • A Session Control Manager button is available on the Dashboard of Live activies.
  • The live session is started or paused by clicking the Start/Pause button.
  • When paused students cannot see or attempt the current question.
  • When running students can attempt the current question.
  • Results/responses are updated in the Session Control Manager in realtime.

Session Control Manager with Paused Session

Session Control Manager with Running Session

Student View with Paused Session

Student View with Running Session