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Designed for Chemistry!

OpenOChem is a homework/quizzing system that plugs in to your existing LMS. Unlike other "do all" homework systems, OpenOChem was designed from the ground up for creating, sharing, and administering Chemistry assessments.

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OpenOChem Learn is our interactive online Organic Chemistry Textbook for Students powered by OpenOChem Cloud.

Why OpenOChem?

Designed by chemistry professors!

No other assessment system has these question types to challenge your students!

All of them are automatically graded for you.

Easily create your own questions.

Ever growing database of over 3500 questions you can use for practice, homework or assessment.

Factor Labels (unit conversions) question type!

Help your students overcome their fear of unit analysis. Student can observe the units canceling out as they add and invert factors.

Embedded Answer question type.

Easily ask pointed questions with embedded questions. This is a simple example of the flexibility this question type offers.

Mutltistep Synthesis Questions!

Students draw reactants, intermediates, products and/or insert reagents from a scaffolding.

3D Structural Questions

Students construct 3D structures! This example uses the conformer option in which a specific conformer is required.

2D Stuctural Questions.

Have your students draw 2D structures or mechanisms. This is an example of an acyl substitution mechanism. In this example the student are expected to construct the entire mechanim. There is an arrows-only option in which students only add the curved arrows to the reaction mechanism.

2D Selection Questions

Students select atoms, molecules or other elements. In this example

Scaffolded Nomenclature and Electron Configurations

Currently we have scaffolds for Organic, Inorganic and electronic configurations. This is an example of the electron configuration scaffold.

Formula/Math Questions

Eash student get a different version of the problem. Like all of our question types its simple to create your own math questions.

Your Content Unchained!

No longer are you held captive by your LMS. OpenOChem empowers you to create rich chemistry questions and activities with feedback! If your institution switchs LMS's then all your questions and activites are preserved!