Push the Electrons!

Imagine your Students Drawing Complete Mechanisms.
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Automatically Graded for you!

Checkout our 3D Structural Questions!
Challenge your student to construct conformers or 3D structures!
Construct most stable conformation of methylcyclohexane?
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2D Structural Questions
Draw structures, stereoisomers, reaction products, and more!.
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2D/3D Structures Made Easy!
Easily Create or Import Your Own!

MultiAnswer Question with 2D Structure

ShortAnswer Question with 3D Structure

Checkout the Question Bank and Search Capabilities
1000's of Shared Questions

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Checkout Our Adaptive Quiz Module
Easily Build Adaptive Quiz Flows!

Students Response Determines Next Question

Adaptive to students level!
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Quickly Review and Compare Student Responses
Instantly determine your students deficiencies!

Easily provide feedback to correct issues fast.
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Welcome to the OpenOChem project. With OpenOChem you easily create, modify, administer and collaborate on homework assignments, quizzes and practice problems for chemistry.

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