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Our core mission is to support the use of and develop resources for free or low cost online homework/assessment systems. We want to save your students money! While many faculty and instructors donate their time and effort developing questions we also depend on financial support from schools using the site.

If you find OpenOChem useful in your curriculum, we ask you (or your school) to contribute to the sustainability of OpenOChem.

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OpenOChem Cloud runs on virtual webservers. We use what is called Elastic Load Balancing so we don't have any performace issues as demand increases. This means as usage increases, so does the number of virtual servers and of course the cost. Please consider paying to help keep us going!

If you have an issue please do not hesitate to email me.

If you've donated during COVID thank you very much!

Should you Decide to Pay

Currently the cost schedule is as listed below and is based on the number of students per semester. We can arrange payments via ACH, PaymentWorks or other methods.

If you'd like to arrange other payment options or would like a purchase order please email

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