Open Access, Collaborative, Assessment System for Organic Chemistry

Welcome to the OpenOChem project. With OOC you easily create, modify, administer and collaborate on homework assignments, quizzes and practice problems for any type of course.

If you want to use OpenOChem in your courses, log into the site, and select Use this service to apply for a key that you can safely use in your classes.

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The OOC team will be hosting an OpenOChem workshop at the 2018 Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE). There's only limited seating so get registered soon! See you all at BCCE!

About ⌬pen⌬Chem

OOC is being developed by chemistry educators for chemistry educators. The following folks are involved in its development.

  • Carl LeBlond - Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Jennifer Muzyka - Center College
  • Ehren Bucholtz - St. Louis School of Pharmacy
  • Sandrine Brice-Profeta - Grenoble Institute of Technology / Grenoble-Alpes University

OpenOChem utilizes a number of open source projects namely;

If you are interested in Supporting the ⌬pen⌬Chem Effort, please let us know.

Supporting OOC

This is a creative commons effort that is still in active development and evolution. We can use lots of help and financial support. Here are some ways to support OpenOChem.

  • Help create questions and activities! Create an account and share your questions!

  • Help test questions, activities and software!

  • Translate OOC to another language!

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